Andrea Chiou

Andrea Chiou

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Andrea Chiou

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I've been involved in software development since 1991 in various capacities including programming, analysis, team and project leadership, and have spent many of those years figuring out how people can improve when collaborating on software projects. I teach, coach, and facilitate Agile and Lean methodologies.  I want to help people connect well and effectively with each other so I can move on to the next organization that needs me.  I use a variety of tools to help with that. Clean Language, Systemic Modelling and Satir communication models are all part my toolbox.

I want to make changes last in people's lives. So hire me if you're having communication problems in your organization or if you need business or life coaching.

I was born in Geneva, and spent several years in Africa and Europe during my youth. I speak German, French, and Chinese and can help bridge the cultural divides. My goal is to help make a difference that is significant and long lasting for you!