Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown

Owner and Director
Adaptive Cultures
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Member since 3 years


Andrew Brown

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Andrew’s passion is to support people to bring their innate compassion and wisdom into creating humane and impactful places to work. Andrew has been drawn to the work of building adaptive capacity, as he believes it is essential for our organisations, industries and communities to thrive.

Andrew is a humorous, insightful and inspiring presenter who invites and provokes his audiences into a greater sense of what is possibile for themselves, their organisation and the world. He is also an award winning speaker.

Andrew is  an avid researcher and writer on the topic of building individual and collective adaptive capacity. In addition to being an owner and director of Adaptive Cultures, Andrew is a lecturer, international property investor and a Director for the Actuaries Institute. His previous experiences include Head of Learning and Leadership Development for AXA Asia Pacific Holdings, and Chief Actuary and CFO at AXA in Singapore and The Philippines.