Andrew Dodgshun

Andrew Dodgshun

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Andrew Dodgshun

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I have over 20 years’ international experience as a Software Developer, Systems Architect, technical trainer and, more recently, as an Agile Certified Practitioner. As an Agile Coach, I have developed a broad range of skills that enable me to support, guide and mentor development teams, team leads, Product Owners, Leads, Managers and Executives in continuously improving product, processes, ceremonies, and practices using both traditional and Agile approaches.


Proficient in Scrum/Kanban/XP/Lean methodologies, systems thinking and business process management, I am also a highly effective trainer and facilitator of workshops on topics such as retrospectives, release planning, user story mapping, impact/risk mapping, inceptions, backlog refinement, iteration reviews and planning.


I help teams build, and consistently deliver, high quality software, by creating and fostering an environment where people can work effectively together to deliver great outcomes for their customers. I effectively foster improved collaboration within and between teams, product owners and all parties thereby enabling people to do their best work and deliver often, whilst at the same time feeling empowered and valued.


Having worked for companies big, small, and startup, including Amazon, Kodak, OpenText and Nordstrom, the role of Agile coach is a perfect match for my technical software delivery background, communication, collaboration, and technical trainer skills. I have a passion for collaborations, continuous learning, reflection, improvement, and experimentation and I am also active in the Agile community through regular participation at meetups, training, and networking events.