Anil Wadghule

Anil Wadghule

Independent Software Consultant
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Member since 6 years


Anil Wadghule

Specialises In (based on submitted proposals)
erlang-factory distributed-systems functional-programming solid-principles closures solid object-oriented-design objects web erlang scale concurrency-with-erlang concurrency-models otp elixir phoenix deep-dive


Anil has worked on Ruby full time for more than 6+ years full time. He has recently worked a lot on Elixir, Java, JavaScript, and Node.js. He loves Ruby and is interested in the clean code, design patterns, and other good programming practices. He has contributed to different open source projects including Ruby on Rails. He is currently working as Independent Software Consultant and is building a product with Elixir lang.

He dabbles with Elm and Clojure in his free time. He has taken interest in using Elixir/Erlang ecosystem to write performant, fault tolerant, scalable, distributed systems.