Anshul Mathur

Anshul Mathur

Automation Team Lead, Quality Assurance
QA InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.
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Anshul Mathur

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accessibility-testing automation-frameworks agile-engineering

A programming freak with prolonged enthusiasm for automating everything that comes my way.

I work at QA InfoTech, Noida as a test automation lead and my experience has made me a tough opponent to beat!

Selenium has been the apple of my eye for more than 3 years now, not only because I can consume it without money but more importantly, its ability to get integrated with other open source tools make it a solution worth the time you invest with it.

Off late, I worked on automating accessibility testing and embedding that inside my selenium framework to achieve something new and useful.

I prefer doing automation of the process and not just tests! - see you all @SelConf.