Anton Zotin

Anton Zotin

Agile Whisperer
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Anton Zotin

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Agile Coach & change agent.

Anton started his career in IT industry in 2002. He did his first Scrum transformation in 2004. Since then believing in and practicing Agile Values & Principles only deeper and harder.

- as a mentor has helped many practitioners to sharpen their agile skills.
- as a ScrumMaster has introduced advanced Scrum techniques to many teams.
- as a coach has consulted a big variety of product groups.
- as a trainer has trained hundreds of people through public & private classes.

Anton is constantly learning from a big variety of world level experts in the field which is proven by various certifications - Scrum Alliance,, ICAgile, The LeSS Company B.V., Erickson Coaching International.

An experienced public speaker participated at international conferences all over the world.

Anton's passion is to make software development less painful and more successful.