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Antony Marcano is best known in the community for his thinking on BDD, user stories, testing and writing fluent APIs & DSLs in Ruby, Java and more. He shares his 16+ years of hands-on experience in agile development with the community in various ways, including as a contributor to books such as Agile Coaching and Agile Testing with references in Bridging the Communication Gap, Software Craftsmanship Apprenticeship Patterns and more. His work in the community continues as a speaker on agile development at international conferences and as a regular guest speaker on BDD and TDD for the Masters Degree programme at Oxford University. Antony is also co-creator of, the first unedited, unrehearsed pair-programming screencast which has fuelled two PhDs researching effective pair programming.

Antony is the creator of the Screenplay Pattern which he initially demonstrated in 2007 at the first Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tools workshop (AAFTT), a closed, invitation only workshop to advance the state of the art in agile test tools – attended by a small group, including Ward Cunningham, Brian Marick, Jim Shore and Naresh Jain. The Screenplay pattern is emerging as the experts choice as the natural evolution from Page Objects.