Anuj Gupta

Anuj Gupta

Head of Machine Learning & Data Science
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Anuj Gupta

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I head the Machine Learning and Data Science teams at Vahan. Prior to this, I was heading ML efforts for Intuit, Huawei Technologies, Freshworks, Chennai and Airwoot, Delhi. I did my masters in theoretical computer science from IIIT Hyderabad and I dropped out of my Phd from IIT Delhi to work with startups. 

I am a regular speaker at ML conferences like Pydata, Nvidia forums, Fifth Elephant, Anthill. I have also conducted a bunch of workshop attended by machine learning practitioners. I am also the co-organizer for one of the early Deep Learning meetups in Bangalore.  I am also Editor of "Anthill-2018" - deep learning focused conference by HasGeek.