Arnon Axelrod

Arnon Axelrod

Sr. Test Architect & Consultant
Sela Group
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Arnon Axelrod

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With over 30 years of writing code (since I was 11 years old), and over 20 years of professional experience in the Software industry, including 4 years at Microsoft, I came to realize the great value of test automation, and it's correspondence with the software architecture, Clean Code, development methodologies, and organization structure and culture!

As a senior consultant and architect or Test Automation, I help organizations improve the quality of the software they produce while cutting wasteful maintainability costs, by preventing bugs instead of chasing them, and increase productivity. I'm a big advocate of TDD, ATDD, Clean Code, Refactoring techniques, and of course Selenium :-)

In addition to consulting, I also manage the Israeli Test Automation Meetup, developed the open source project Test Automation Essentials, and contributed a few pull-requests to the Selenium Github repository. You can also hear me talk on .Net Rocks!