Arun Krishnaswamy

Arun Krishnaswamy

Director of Data Science
location_on United States

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Arun Krishnaswamy

Specialises In
All things Data

Over 20 years of experience with large datasets, statistical methods, machine learning and software systems.

* Manage mid and large-size engineering & data science teams working on BIG DATA infrastructure.
* Deep Learning expertise – AI Bots, NLP engines, Large Scale Anti-Phishing, Fraud Detection
* Domain Agnostic – Building AI Solutions for Advertising, Retail, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Finance
* One of the 1st Hadoop Programmers in the World with 12+ years’ experience in BIG DATA systems.
* Worked extensively in Online Advertisement Space (including patented work)
- Sponsored search pricing, allocation, rich ad formats, data driven analytics.
- Display advertising: pricing, recommendation models, search retargeting.
- Media: Measurement, Channel Attribution, B2B2C Analytics, LTV, CDMP®
- Shopper Experience : Look alike , Propensity Models , Recommender Systems
* Hands on experience on data driven business process modeling, data analysis, statistical testing (A/B)
* Technical experience with some of the world’s largest data warehouses, generating business insights.
* Fluent in techniques from Mathematics and Statistics: Statistical modeling, Simulation Studies, Regression Analysis, Statistical Genetics, Bayesian Statistics, Data Mining, Predictive Modeling
* Fluent in programming for cloud computing (HADOOP, AWS, Tensor Flow, SPARKML, Google Cloud)
* Strong expertise in R, Python, Excel Macros, Tableau, Visual Basic and SQL.