Asheesh Mehdiratta

Asheesh Mehdiratta

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Asheesh Mehdiratta

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Asheesh Mehdiratta loves to challenge minds, and aims to inspire some! He is an enterprise lean-agile evangelist and DevOps transformation agent, focused on delivering business value. Asheesh loves to work with cross functional teams and consults senior leadership on enterprise wide transformations, and is an expert in managing large scale organizational change. 

In his day job, Asheesh builds organizational warriors, fighting the enterprise battles - who win some, lose some and then live another day to resume their battles! He has varied experience on energy domain, financial services, digital and utility spaces, having grown from working in startups to Fortune 100 organizations, wearing multiple hats of a developer, engineering manager, product owner,  scrum master, enterprise agile coach, devops and transformation leader. 

Asheesh has been speaking publicly since 2010 on agility, and you can find him ranting at and tweeting his opinions at  @amehdiratta