Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar

Agile & Lean Coach
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Ashish Kumar

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A passionate Agile Advocate; one that strives for excellence for myself and those I work with. 

Ashish is all about improving communication in teams and in creating the right environment for teams to flourish in, and he involve them in this journey; one where they can feel free and confident to learn, grow, question, challenge, and celebrate together. 
Projects are easier to deliver if you focus on the people and their needs, first.
Passionate about people (individuals, teams, and culture) and products (creativity, innovation and new product development).

A strong believer of the fact that human beings are born with a trait to inspect and adapt. Human beings collaborate well in small herds. So He believes that any activity (software development, coaching or training) is highly effective when worked with smaller teams, hands on than taking on an enterprise. Ashish always strives to achieve the best that is possible thru innovation and mastering new practices.

Few of the noted Workshops and Talks:
 Spot The difference “what it takes to emulate the success of Spotify” @ Agile NCR 2018
 Creating Purposeful Scrum Teams via Awesome Backlog @ APGI 2018 and Scrum Gathering Sydney Australia 2018
 Big O Of Retro Retry Out of The Box @ Agile Chandigarh 2018
 Product Quality Improvement Via DoD & Tech Debt reduction @ Scrum Gathering Melbourne Australia 2017
 Confused Tester in Agile World @ Global Scrum Gathering Bangalore 2016
 Exultant Appraisal "Appraisal in Scrum team : The Self-Appraising Team" @ Discuss Agile Day 2015