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Ashish, co-founder and CTO of VideoKen, is a software industry veteran. A graduate of IIT Delhi and Purdue University, he started his career in the Silicon Valley in 1989. He moved to Bangalore and set up three new software development organizations from scratch, grew and nurtured them into highly productive software development labs until eventual acquisition. Prior to co-founding VideoKen he was leading engineering for the ads group at Flipkart where he built a machine learning-centered ad technology stack for brand ads and product listing ads from the ground up. Prior to Flipkart he was VP Engineering at Yahoo, Bangalore where he led the Ads and Data engineering teams for 3 years.

Ashish has extensive experience in managing technical projects/products - both in USA and India. Several years of hands-on design and development experience in systems software, strong architectural, analytical, programming and algorithmic skills. Ashish's specialty is in building and managing highly productive high-quality engineering teams for developing software products.