Aurelien Marando

Aurelien Marando

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Aurelien Marando

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Aurelien Marando has been leading digital product delivery of all sizes, from light web products to 200+ million dollars banking system upgrade. His success stories are drawn from collaboratively reinventing ways of working across many scales, industries and cultures, and from his experience trying many different “agile” things with teams all over the world. 

His talks are created based on the conversations and questions Aurelien has had with Project Managers, SMs and POs, as well as key practices, tools and techniques he regularly shares with the Leaders and Agile Coaches that he mentors.

He has co-funded Magic Agile with Ferzeen Anis, to continuously inspire people to learn and grow along their professional journey. They are proud to share their knowledge and experience to help people from all walks of life seize opportunities, remain curious and persevere in their ambitions.