Barbara Schultz

Barbara Schultz

Agile Coach/Trainer
Pyxis Great Lakes
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Barbara Schultz

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"The Everyday Agilist"

As the "Everyday Agilist" , I believe in building Agile Organizations that Create Value by adhering to a set of values and valuing people.  

I retired from a large telecommunications supplier where I was a Continuous Improvement Specialist practicing Lean to launch Pyxis Great Lakes as a member of the Pyxis Network, an international leader in the French speaking world   for over 18 years to broaden my knowledge of Scrum. 

I believe that in order to be successful in the 21st century, one must not just manage and cope with change, one must aspire to be transformational. But how does one learn to “think outside of the box”?
As a lifelong learner, I want to be a part of your Agile journey. My experience as a corporate change management and process specialist has allowed me to develop my Lean, Agile and Six Sigma skills into a varied toolbox to simplify change management and development. My training as a life coach and mental health facilitator provides a collaborative human touch to add heart and happiness to the experience. After all, Lean is really about finding the shortest distance between two points by leveraging the power of your people.

I believe that we subconsciously apply agile methodology everyday of our lives. . . imagine where we could go if we learned to apply it intentionally . . .I believe in imPROVEment for everyone . . .I want to be the "Everyday Agilist"

I look forward to providing your team with the training and consulting services that will simplify and demystify your Agile journey.