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Bennet Vallet joined in July 2015 after a 25 year career at Siemens Health Services.

During his career at Siemens, Bennet held multiple leadership roles within the company’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) organization and was involved continuously in the development of large scale healthcare information systems.

As a Director of Software Engineering, Bennet had been leading agile transformations since 2005, the year the company adopted Scrum/XP, and over the last 5 was the lead agile strategist on the company’s executive product development excellence team, chartered to drive key improvement initiatives with respect to people, process and infrastructure.  In this capacity Bennet led the company’s adoption of key Agile/Lean change initiatives including the training and development of agile coaches, the rollout of Kanban, flow metrics analytics and the implementation of continuous delivery strategy for products across the enterprise.

The adoption of Kanban and Flow Metrics at Siemens Healthcare is one of the largest (if not the largest) and most successful adoptions of Kanban ever.  Bennet has published two articles on the Siemens Healthcare case study. One appearing in the online magazine InfoQ and the other published by the Agile Alliance in 2014 (co-authored by Daniel Vacanti).