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Bernie Maloney

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Bernie Maloney

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Bernie’s career started with a flash and a bang. Literally. His first position was designing devices that protect telephone networks from lightning strikes. A few career pivots later, he had a flash of insight: it was possible to tap into latent potential in every person, every team, and every organization.

Across his 25 years of engineering and leadership experience, he’s shipped 100s of consumer electronics products and helped scale businesses from breakeven to beyond $100 million. He’s worked with firms including Bell Telephone Laboratories, HP, TiVo, Cisco and many more. In addition to his client work, he teaches Agile Product Development at Stanford Continuing Studies.

Bernie helps his clients lead through influence rather than authority. And he believes that Accelerating Genius is possible in any leader, team or business, and leads not only to success, but also to a whole lot more fun.