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Bhanu Sharma

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Bhanu Sharma

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My name is Bhanu Sharma, currently employed as a Machine Learning engineer at SpotDraft where i am involved in developing deep learning models for contract analysis. Before that i was employed as a Machine Learning intern in Bangalore where i worked with sensor data to build a system to detect and differentiate true occurrences of an event from the false one's

Here at SpotDraft i have been working with various NLP methods using tools like StanfordCoreNLP and Spacy to provide meaningful insights from contracts.

I have been involved in building an entity extraction model (Bi-LSTM + CRF), multi-class text classier (CNN), object detection and segmentation (modified Darknet).

I have had the privilege to be involved in the entire life cycle of model creation, from annotating data using Prodigy, to building the model and improving it, to serving the model predictions by deploying the docker container to Kubernetes clusters.