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I’m a Jack of most trades and a Master of a few. I love tech, and I hack/build/automate random things in my digital life. I love meeting people, I’m a great storyteller, and I have a knack for writing in a very relatable way. I’ve been a big fan of open-source software since my college days, and I contribute when and where I can. These days I spend my time creating content on Nightwatch.

I've been doing Web development for more than a decade now, and kind of an expert at designing and building websites and web applications. I love solving my day to day problems with automation and a simple interface. I get my hands on the spectrum of work from UX Design to Kubernetes. I explore and poke around a very wide area in tech, and sometimes I write about them. I quench my artist thirst with some CSS art and rare digital works. My last pet project was having a 24-clock connected to your daily schedule.

I have been a solo traveller for a decade and I live in the Himalayan mountains now. A cute puppy has been accompanying me since last year. I love contemplation(/meditation/introspection) and currently I'm learning Paragliding. You can also find me lurking on Twitter, Twitch, Discord or Steam. I go by bigomega -