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ESA registration in America: a complete guide


ESA registration? Wait a minute.

Who told you that you need to register your ESA? No, no, no. You have got it all wrong here.

I bet that you saw the word ESA registration on some website and now here you are, searching for a way to register your ESA. Well, let me make things very clear for you.

There is no way for you to REGISTER your ESA. The term ‘register’ means that you have to go through some official process to get your animal’s information on some database.

Nope. That's not what you do. What you need here is an real esa letter. Let me guess, you just want to make it official that you have an ESA. Right? 

Well, if that's the case then you need to get your letter and I can tell you all about it.

What’s this letter?

This is a letter that allows you to legally keep an ESA. Like with this letter, you can say that you have an animal and that it's an ESA. Not a pet, but an ESA.

It makes things legal for you which means that you and your ESA will get certain legal rights under federal law.

If you don’t have this letter then you don’t have these rights.

So, how do I get this letter?

Here is a simple process to get it online…

Step #1: Find the Right Website

That website that mentioned that you have to get your ESA registered? Yeah that was a fake one. There are many fake websites out there so our first step will be to find the right one.

If you get a letter from a fake website then you will run into trouble. What if your landlord doesn’t accept your realesaletter for housing? Yeah, problems like that. Serious problems.

So, in order to avoid such issues, you need to make sure that the website you choose is legit. There are some easy ways to figure this out. Mainly, a fake website will look like it's made cheaply.

It will have mistakes like bad grammar and even spelling mistakes. 

Step #2: Know the Process

Once you know that you have found the right website with rates that you can afford, you should get to know the entire procedure.

The best way to know this is to get in touch with the customer support of the website. They are available 24/7 and can help you with all your questions. Maybe, you can even negotiate the rates with them. Who knows?

Once you contact them, ask them about how it all works. How do they get in touch with a licensed mental health professional? Will this person charge them extra for the letter?

Just get to know how it all works.

Step #3: Fill the Form

This is the main thing that you need to do.

On the website, you will find a form. You will have to fill it so that your information can get to a mental health professional. It will include all information regarding you, like your name, age, gender, etc.

But beware!

It will also include information on your mental health. It will ask you what type of mental illness you have and what problems you face. I understand that this can be a bit personal and that you might not want to reveal this information.

But, rest assured that only a medical professional will read this information.

Oh, and, you will also need to provide the basic information about your ESA.

Step #4: You Will Be Contacted

What does THAT mean?

It means that any medical professional cannot provide you a letter just like that. Whether you want an ESA dog or a cat, your mental health professional will have to verify if you have a mental illness or not.

This means that when your form gets to them, they will contact you.

You will have provided your contact information to them. Well, that is enough for them to get in touch with you and conduct an interview of sorts. This is critical in determining if you really need an ESA or if you just think that you need one.

So, wait for a call from an unknown number and talk openly about your feelings with this therapist.

Step #5: Get Your Letter (Or Not)

After this call, all you can do is wait. 

The therapist that called you will assess the information that you have provided and consider your case. In most cases, the patient is right and they get an ESA Letter.

But, there are times when the patient is wrong and they do not get an ESA letter. 

Yes, this can happen, although not often. But, anyone can make a mistake so you might be wrong about your condition too. Just remember that the therapist is the expert here which means that they are the ones who know best. 

Just trust their judgement and know that it is not impossible to survive without an ESA. 

So, these are the details that you need to know of.

Once you know this, then getting an ESA letter is no big deal.

If there’s anything that is confusing, you can ask the customer service representative. So, what's the issue then? Just go online and get that letter of yours. The process is super simple so there is no need to worry.

Just be sure to get the letter and beware of the scammers lurking online.

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