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I have worked in the Software Development industry for the past 20 years and I have spent 10 of those working with Scrum teams. Having seen both sides of the fence, I have firsthand experience with transformations and know the impact they can have on a team and an organization. I know the common pitfalls that new teams encounter and have experience guiding them through the learning curve.

I first encountered Scrum as a Software Development Manager at the Dallas Morning News in 2008.  A peer manager was brought on board to help us transition from Waterfall to Scrum; I was enlisted as a Scrum Master for my team and asked to help train the rest of the organization on the framework. The difference I saw moving from a Waterfall environment to Scrum hooked me for life.  Our organization transformed from a date-driven, delivery-oppressive, top-down culture to one of empiricism, openness, and servant leadership. Morale and productivity went through the roof.  People were being respected for their skills and opinions.  Our world of work had truly been transformed.  I didn’t know how at the time, but I knew from then on I only wanted to work with Scrum.

As my work with software development teams progressed, more of my time was dedicated to coaching and training, providing the missing education, sharing my experiences and helping others to see the benefits of Scrum.  Training internally led me to investigate training publicly:  I began co-training in early 2017 and the more I did it, the more I was convinced this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my journey.

My personal goal for this next career stage then is to help transform the world of work one organization, one student at a time.  My desire is not just to create change agents within organizations, but also provide the tools needed to help make those transformations successful.  My focus is training from the bottom up through Scrum teams as well as eventually from the top down through executives, in order to have the maximum impact on promoting successful Agile transformations using the Scrum framework. For as long as I am able, I want to serve the work community both nationally and internationally, helping them understand and implement the Scrum framework successfully.