Brian Sjoberg

Brian Sjoberg

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Brian Sjoberg

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Brian Sjoberg (@onek2go) is an Agile Coach with Excella Consulting. He comes from sunny Florida where he earned his Computer Engineering degree from the University of South Florida. He is a former XP Java programmer, turned Project Manager, turned Program Manager, turned Agile Coach. He recently acquired his Certified Scrum Professional certificate. He has been living on the front lines of implementing Scrum and engineering best practices for the past 4 years with multiple teams and is fueled with a passion to help individuals, teams and organizations to frequently deliver high quality products at a sustainable pace that customers LOVE!! 

Organizer of local DC Scrum User Group. Stop on by some time and enjoy great agile-related presentations and workshops. And we usually serve ample amounts of Pizza and drinks and have been known to giveaway some stuff at the end of each meeting. You can thank Excella for that stuff.

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