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Cameron Bradley

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Cameron Bradley

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I began my career as a software engineer working across iOS and Web. During this time I discovered a passion for ensuring what we develop is being delivered with quality and speed to our customers. I followed this passion and shifted my career to focus on improving the quality function.

Some Highlights from my career to date include:

- Top nominee for Best Agile Test Team in the world (A global competition - judged by our peers) - we were alongside such global companies as Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

- Grown and expanded a QA Practice from (3 testers - 6 projects) to an Enterprise-wide function with over 100+ testers across - 64 high-level projects.

- Produced incredible quality and automation testing results that lead to investment, project growth, and expansion in the quality function.

- Supported a culture of embedding QA's in projects - Creating experts of championing world-leading quality best practices among the team.

- Ran and organised automation training sessions to up-skill, retain our talent and support our automation goals (Playwright, Espresso, Cucumber, Protractor, Cypress, Detox and XCUITEST)

- Created and empowered a collaborative monthly meet-up across projects called Back to Practice - This session brought together teams to generate ideas and tasks for future sprints that helped us improve the quality function and drive automation improvements.

- Introduce community events + skills & learning (Scheduled training, Brown bags, Automation Syncs, Sprint Showcases & Team Catch-ups).

- Introduced Exploratory Testing methods (Bug Bashes, Mob Testing & Cross-Platform Testing)

- Collaborate and support team to Significantly increase the total amount of automation tests (across the test pyramid) executed daily in CI.

- Automation (developed by testers and developers) correctly executing in CI - on pull request - passing before merge to develop/master codebase.

- Globally recognised QA Leader on social media and influencer in the technology industry.

- Represented the team's QA Transformation and achievements at conferences and events both locally and abroad.

- Engineering leadership and level of understanding of automation frameworks & systems - developed from working across projects on the tool with the team.

- Proven engineering leadership on implementation of new automation framework with the team.

- Founded Testing Talks Conference, Testing Talks Hub and Testing Talks Online - Passion project(s) to create a fun event for all; to share, learn and reconnect in-person (and online).