Caoilte Dunne

Caoilte Dunne

Agile Coach /IM
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Caoilte Dunne

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agile coaching-models consultancy context customer-collaboration lean

A long time agile advocate, Caoilte has dedicated his career to developing
effective strategies to deliver customer value and increase team empowerment.
He is curious and always looking for new ways of exploring how we work and create.
He has moved from being a developer to tech lead to agile facilitator and is a passionate advocate for coaching of all kinds.

He also has been a consultant for many years and has worked on small boutique
products , being a small cog in big organisations and
has taken startups to the enterprise level.

Having these multiple perspectives has given him an appreciation of what a complex
task the creation of useful software is. He believes that how well
technology , process and people are integrated will determine whether a
project or company will succeed or fail (he does err on the side of people being
the most important part of that equation) .

If you meet him at a conference or meetup he is delighted to talk about agile ,lean and coaching
but also books (sci-fi and fantasy ) , games and movies .