Carl Nagle

Carl Nagle

Principal Software Developer
SAS Institute, Inc
location_on United States

Member since 7 years


Carl Nagle

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test_automation automation_framework remote-web-driver se-builder se-interpreter session-persistence selenium-server selenium-grid selenium-grid-nodes java-rmi 3rd-party-tools java-awt-robot tool-integration tools-and-infrastructure

Carl Nagle, SAS Institute Inc.

A Principal Software Developer at SAS Institute focusing for the past 17 years on the development, integration, and evolution of enterprise software test automation tools.  The Project Lead for the opensource SAFSDEV project on SourceForge.  For more than 30 years Carl has been responsible for the engineering of both hardware and software testing systems.  This incluces the design and engineering of advanced electronics for analog and digital subsystems testing with embedded firmware for high-end power generation and communications systems.  This naturally evolved, over technological time, into the development of advanced software testing systems and frameworks.  Carl and his team thrive on solving "impossible" test automation scenarios across multiple processes, platforms, and technologies.