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If you want to teach your child how to write an essay, you must take into account his or her age.

Instruct your child to write down and memorise all the guidelines for the essay in class. You need to know what the essay will be about and what the teacher's requirements are.
Never write an essay for your child yourself. Even if your child does something wrong, consider the mistakes as experience that will help him or her in the future.
To begin with, your child should write the essay in draft form. You can check the text for errors and correct punctuation and style.
Encourage your child to think in different ways. For example, if your child has to write an essay about the holiday season, remind her of the fun and memorable events. Let the child first remember and verbally recount everything that happened during the holidays.

Don't copy the text from the internet. Let the child state his or her personal thoughts. Don't scold your child if he/she gets a "B" or "C" for the essay.  Let the child learn from his mistakes and everyone can copy text off the Internet.

Take into account the age of the child.

On the Internet you can meet the following requests from parents: "How to teach a child to write a composition grade 2? How to teach a child to write a composition grade 3? How do I teach my child to write a 4th grade essay?". All of these questions relate to primary schools.

At this age, children are actively learning to write essays. To teach your child to write an essay in primary school, you can use the play method. Invite your child to write an essay together. You write your essay and he writes his own. Then the child checks what you have written. You, in turn, check his essay. As often as possible, encourage your child to describe different pictures, buildings, and objects. He may do it out loud. In this way, you can gradually develop your youngest pupil's imagination.

How can I teach my child to write an essay in year 5, 6 and 9?

Are these the questions parents of middle and high school students ask? At this age, learning to write an essay can also be done by developing the imagination. Encourage your child to describe different architectural structures. Ask your child's opinion about different events as often as possible. Teach your child to express his or her opinion verbally first or put it down on paper later.