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Chris Roberts

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Having come from a background of Waterfall Project Management, undergone a big mindset change and continual self development, I have worked with Agile in a number of different roles now for the past 7 years.

I now coach Agile (and more importantly effective ways of working practices) to organisations range from small start up agencies to big Corporations such as Bank of America.

I only have belief in tailoring my knowledge and experience to helping solve an organisations problems, which can be so different, even with people and teams within the same organisation.

So.. you won't find me endorsing one methodology or framework as if it is my brand. What I do like to select from my toolkit to customise a way of working to solve a team or organisations problems.

We often forget we share Agile, we are Agile because it solves problems. It just so happens that it's cool as well :-)

I think it's healthy to constantly develop new ideas using Agile as a stepping stone to what's next in our journey to continually improve the way we work. 

Coming from the UK but having lived in India for 6 months, I relish the opportunity to come back as a Speaker in 2016 to this diverse conference :).