Christi Wigle

Christi Wigle

CEO and Co-Founder
United Against Slavery
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Member since 2 years


Christi Wigle

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collaboration Data collection Direct Victim Services Problem-Solving Research Stakeholder Engagement team-building

Christi Wigle is the Co-Founder and CEO of United Against Slavery (UAS) and the Co-founder and former Executive Director of an local anti-trafficking organization. The Coalition led grassroots efforts to raise awareness, provide training, collaborate with other partners and provide direct victim services to sex and labor trafficking survivors while serving forty-one counties in East TN. The Coalition Leadership worked with other anti-trafficking stakeholders to impact change on many state efforts, as additional partnerships were formed at local, state and federal levels.

For years, Christi’s passion for collaboration has strengthened efforts to bring others together to advance anti-trafficking progress. The Coalition hosted multi-year stakeholder trainings while partnering with the FBI and the DOJ. Hundreds of stakeholders from six states and fifty-five counties attended. Christi co-founded UAS by bringing her passion to problem solve issues and utilizing more than 21 years of business development and R&D experience and brought together key anti-trafficking stakeholders to identify and document challenges facing the anti-trafficking movement. More than 50 anti-trafficking experts from 23 countries have helped advance this initiative by participating as UAS Survey Leaders.