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Christine L Hudson

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Christine L Hudson

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agile business steering business-agility enterprise-agility leadership team coaching transformation leader coaching

Christine and the team at Elevate partner with you and your leadership team to deliver lasting positive change within your organization.

Our co-created results: Improved speed, quality, and predictability in the delivery of critical business initiatives, programs, and products, along with improved leadership team cohesion and employee engagement.

To help create results like these, Christine & team transfer critical skills in strategy articulation and strategy deployment, provide leadership team and individual workshops and coaching, and guide large-scale business operating system change efforts such as Agile and DevOps transformations.

Elevate is a majority women owned enterprise. We pledge to do good when we do well; we Pledge 1-2-3%: 1% of our equity, 2% of our profits, and 3% of our time to organizations changing the world for the better.