Christophe THIBAUT

Christophe THIBAUT

Agile Coach and TDD trainer
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Christophe THIBAUT

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Christophe Thibaut has been working as a consultant at OCTO since 2005. He has a 25+ years experience in development, project management and project direction, as well as counselling for corporate companies. He has been practicing agile methodologies for the last 15 years, and has helped hundred developers, architects and managers to understand and adopt these methodologies. He's been an active member of the first Programming Dojo (Paris) ever since its creation in 2003. 

Christophe is interested in everything that allows the creation of better software faster, on a technical level (TDD, refactoring, OOP, functional programming) as well as a human level. He is passionate about helping every team to tap into its own greatness, and every manager to gain better results while enabling learning. 

His expertise is based on a continuous learning process of the models used in these domains: XP, Scrum, Lean, coaching models and methods, shared vision process. He has a sharp communication verbal and written skills. He is a facilitator and a coach, an attentive observer, and active listener. Christophe is also a certified Core Protocols Instructor.

At OCTO, Christophe helps spreading TDD, review practices, agile management, coaching and change leadership. He facilitates project retrospectives, team and product vision work, and with his coaching team, contributes to the training of agile coaches at OCTO.