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I am an Agile professional, improving the effectiveness of teams, the efficiency of processes, and the quality of products in small, medium, and large enterprises. I have more than fifteen years' experience bringing agility to teams, shifting enterprises from projects to backlogs, helping leaders foster an Agile mindset, and honing the Agile practices of organizations in the delivery rapid, iterative delivery of value to customers. I have worked with Cisco Systems, Arca International, LexisNexis, and BB&T, working in IT Services, Hardware development, Software Development, and organizational transformation. In all of these endeavors, I have failed a lot, which has been the basis of learning, iteration, improvement and success.

I am an active participant in the Raleigh-Durham Agile Leadership Network, where I coordinate and facilitate the RTP-ALN Open Space Conference and lead sections of the Scrum Master's Focus Group. I presented at the 2017 Red Hat Agile Day on "Detecting and Improving Agile Attitudes on Teams." I am also a volunteer instructor at Duke University's OLLIE program, where I teach history. 

I live in Durham, North Carolina, with my wife, Kelly, an elementary school teacher, our four dogs,  and her two horses. I enjoy the condition of dyslexia, which is the source of a great deal of creative failure, and I think I know what I have written in this profile, but I'm not entirely certain.