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Cindy McClure

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Cindy McClure

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I have had the great opportunity to work as a transformational leader, coach and trainer across many industries that include banking, retail, personal transformation and analytics, including creating and running three start ups in personal, team and organisational transformation.

I have a deep passion for bringing about mindset growth that brings enables others to perform at their best. I do this by working with businesses leaders to collaborate, experiment, grow and innovate. I am energetic, inspiring and constantly searching for new ways to constructively improve processes, practices and systems that support outstanding customer experience.

I believe in creating work environments where diversity of thinking is recognised as an advantage, where people can safely fail to learn and where flexibility and ambiguity are embraced.

Coaching is the thread that runs through my career as a means to unlock individuals, teams and organisations to transform processes, systems and products for greater customer value.

Coming to agile as a coach working in one of the largest corporate agile transformations in Australia in a cohort  of ~90 agile coaches across 5 countries has given me a perspective on scaled transformations and the role facilitation and coaching has to engage the hearts and minds of those who will deliver the transformation.