Clayton Read

Clayton Read

Agile Coach at IAG
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Clayton Read

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II am a passionate Agile Coach and Servant Leader who enjoys building high performing teams to deliver quality outcomes across the online digital space. With over 13 years of hands on Agile experience, I have specialised in delivering business value utilising a variety of Agile and Lean practices.

I have experience in coaching in a diverse range of Lean-Agile delivery environments. While working at organisations such as UBank, PM Partners, NBN Westpac and Telstra, I have been able to prove my experience in coaching and transforming teams to deliver effective agile driven customer focussed Business and IT initiatives.

I am a pragmatic and proactive, end-to-end delivery focussed Agile practitioner. I have been responsible for the transformation of technology teams to Agile methodologies and ensuring associated business areas understand and support such changes. This has involved a spectrum of activities from training and coaching Agile Fundamentals to facilitating department-wide agile transformation initiatives. This has helped grow a Continuous Improvement culture and Agile-Lean mindset, which deliver substantial improvements in culture, performance and product quality.