Daniel Rea

Daniel Rea

Software and DevOps Team Manager
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Daniel Rea

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A servant leader and DevOps/Agile enthusiast who loves making positive culture tweaks and setting up teams to have focus, unity, and success - hopefully with a bit of fun along the way.

Originally a C++/Python developer, I somewhat bumbled into management. I love envisaging an ideal future and genuinely care about helping everyone in getting there; perhaps with some persuasive nudges along the way. I prefer grass-roots initiatives and buy-in as compared to dictating solutions.

My career has been in Canberra working in domains where complex real-time systems dealing with large amounts of streaming media is the norm. I've had the incredible privilege to work with with a diverse set of incredibly talented people. I've learned a thing or two (mostly the hard way) about getting people to drive (or at least accept) change, and work together towards a united objective (without killing each other).