Darren Menachemson

Darren Menachemson

Global Chief Digital Officer
Think Place
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Member since 5 months


Darren Menachemson

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Darren believes that co-design is an essential element in creating system-level outcomes for society. He works to improve large, public systems like the health system, the tax system and the social services system.

As a ThinkPlace Partner, Darren’s focus is on applying design thinking to intractable challenges, in both OECD and developing countries. He has worked extensively in health, international development, border management, energy systems, social protection, regulatory compliance and digital government.

Darren co-designs in complex, sensitive environments to develop strategy, programmes, policy and services. He has pioneered powerful approaches for linking strategy and architecture to the experience of users, and advises executive groups, programme/project teams and governance boards on how to optimise their impact when taking on these types of at-scale initiatives. Whether facilitating a senior forum in Canberra or conducting ethnographic research in a village in Uganda, Darren’s approach is grounded in the need to build public good.

As ThinkPlace’s Head of Digital, he has had both a strategic and a sleeves-up role in the design of national-level digital systems. Darren serves as ThinkPlace’s Chief Ethicist.