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Dave Cornelius

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Dr. Dave Cornelius is the author of “Transforming Your Leadership Character: The Lean Thinking and Agility Way” and creator of the Agility LeaderShift game.  Dr. Dave also produces “KnolShare with Dr. Dave”, a bi-weekly podcast on iTunes and can also be found on www.GrokShare.com and host a monthly webinar on agile practices with Project Insight.  Dave is the founder of the 5 Saturdays Program that opens the door to a career in technology and business through agility and innovation for high school students.  Visit www.5Saturdays.org to learn more.

Dr. Cornelius is an experienced business and IT professional, and a globally recognized lean and agile catalyst who empowers others to achieve their very best. He specializes in coaching, training, and leading co-located and distributed teams to deliver quality innovations from concept to cash.

Dave volunteers in the agile community by collaborating with others to provide agile events such as the AgileOpen SoCal and 2016 Scrum Alliance Scrum Coaching Retreat.  Dave also presents at local agile and project management events, as well as global events such as the PMI Global Congress.