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my name is David. 

Over the past 15 years I have been quite active in the Agile community. I started my journey in Austria, getting my feet wet with XP and the wonderful principles and practices that came with it and finally, in 2004, I took the plunge to become a Scrum Master. 

I decided to travel the world and apply my passion of Scrum in as many industries and cultures that I could find. We eventually lead to be working on every continent and in many countries. 

I have been to the Agile 200X conferences ever since 2006, sat on a table with Version One before it became a big player in the industry, was suggested to be elected onto the board of the Agile Alliance as the only person under 30 (back then). I actually was in a CSM course given by Ken Schwaber, had the pleasure of getting some lean insights from Mister Anderson and I spent my whole career trying to learn from my University degree and background, so that I could find a way to marry both. 

My claim to fame is that I gave the first public CS< course in Australia (ever) together with Jens Oestegaard and therefore, jokingly so, we introduced Scrum to our friends down-under. 

I helped MIke Cohn proof read his second book and while I am not vocal, I have been a supported of this community ever since the days of the Yahoo mailing list scrumdevelopment.