David Morris, MBA

David Morris, MBA

Lead Enterprise Agile Coach

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David Morris, MBA

I want to help build beautiful businesses, that care about planet and people as well as profit; humane workplaces fit for the 21st century, where everyone has a stake in the outcome and an opportunity to contribute to direction.

Throughout the last 31 years, I have worked with some wonderful people and had great opportunities to develop many roles across many industries. I have had fun and some success using lean and agile practices for 20 years, and now act as a facilitator and advisor to organisations on their strategy, people, processes, and platforms.

In my recent MBA research paper, 'The Paradox of Agile Transformation' (to be published soon), I realised why I was so tired of seeing attempts at improving organisational agility undermined by the wrong approach, and have become focused on aligning approach with intended outcomes.

Contributing back to the community is also important: I have helped lead Agile Auckland, IIBA (in the UK and NZ), and now Auckland Change Agents. And, I love writing; last year, I released the second edition of 'Agile Project Management in easy steps', I am currently working on 'Scrum in easy steps' (due late 2016), with others in the pipeline for 2017.