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I was born in Florence in 1966 just a few months before the deluge, and that's a kind of destiny.

Now I live in Milan and work worldwide and that’s been a rewarding choice since the nineties.

I started my adult life working with non-profit organizations in the late 80’s then moving to the IT industry where I began as a software developer, continued as a certified technical trainer and then covered executive roles in national and multinational environments, basically moving from understanding and managing machine systems to trying to understand and help human beings’ systems.

Today, as a certified NLP counselor I help clients to explore their life experience, as a Coach I help clients getting what they really want, as a Conflict Mediator I witness how tough and creative a relationship can be, as a trainer I help trainees in stretching their brain, growing and learning, as a public speaker I enjoy co-creating experience on the fly, as a dad I love my two children and my partner. As a man I am grateful and worried that I’ve got this wonderful life. And I’m fond of categorizing my professional and life roles :-).

I have a background in humanities, many IT industry certifications (MCT, CTT+, MCSE, MCTP) and I am a certified NLP Counselor.

I currently teach at the University of Bergamo’s Master in Integrated Psicomotricity and I am a teacher and partner at Kyron, a school of Psicomotricity. Favorite topics I teach, train and research are: Empathy, Emotions, Conflicts and Cooperative Hypnosis.

I have fifteen years of experience in helping groups to succeed and I am fond of studying group dynamics: I am a Certified Core Competent by McCarthy Technologies, Inc. This means I have demonstrated mastery of the Core Protocols, standardized interpersonal behaviors and best practices for results-oriented teamwork.

I still have also a dark side: I am an executive in charge for HR management at Pulsar IT srl, an Italian Information Technology firm, and I am fond of technology. As every dark side, it helps when you decide to use it to help people in succeeding in their work and life.