Dipesh Bhatewara

Dipesh Bhatewara

Staff Engineer
VMware Software
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Member since 3 years


Dipesh Bhatewara

Specialises In (based on submitted proposals)
mvc automation_framework code-and-tests future demonstration spring web-service webdriver


1. 11 years of experience in Software & Functional Test Automation.

2. Worked for organizations like VMware, ThoughtWorks, PTC etc.

3. Scrum Master & Test Project Management in Agile development environment.

4. Expertise in Test automation, framework designing for different needs. Proficient with Selenium, Webdriver, Sikuli, Watir, Fitnesse etc.

5. Agile coaching for Organizational Transformation & Agile Induction.

6. Web & Mobile based application testing.

7. Build automation tools configuration and maintenance

8. Handling distributed test team. Building QA teams - hiring, mentoring & managing.