Dipesh Pala

Dipesh Pala

Agile Leader - Asia Pacific
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Dipesh Pala

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Dipesh Pala is the Asia Pacific Agile Capability Leader for IBM. In addition to leading IBM’s transformation journey to grow the Agile capability across this region, Dipesh pursues his passion for enabling organisations of all sizes to optimise solution delivery through the pragmatic use of Agile, Lean and traditional methods. His diverse background includes delivery roles in Software Engineering, Project and Portfolio Governance, and Agile Consulting across a variety of industries.

Over the last decade, Dipesh has helped organisations and project teams across many countries to continuously improve and find better ways of working. As an on-the-ground Agile Consultant, he has been instrumental in rolling out Agile at scale in many organisations, and is currently coaching and mentoring today’s Managers and Executives to become the Agile Leaders their teams need.

In addition to being a top-rated speaker at industry conferences and seminars, Dipesh is also a seasoned facilitator who is able to drive out the best outcomes from any project-based or strategy workshops. Many organisations draw upon his extensive facilitation experience to plan and run Agile project workshops to increase participation and embrace collaboration.

A keen advocate of simplicity, Dipesh offers simple, practical yet powerful ways to address the challenges team members and managers in Agile environments face today. He continuously pushes individuals and teams beyond the practices and principles to take a step further into their Agile journey.