Dr. Suresh Devnani

Dr. Suresh Devnani

Chief Happiness Officer & Chief Spiritual Officer
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Dr. Suresh Devnani

As a Happiness fundamentalist for the past 14 years, I am drawn by positive energy and purposeful mandates in creating a happier society for those I work with.

My work is based upon the belief and observation that all individuals from all walks of life philosophically attempt to grasp; the pursuit of happiness. In my work, I have studied not only academic literature dealing with the subject, but also the stories of countless individuals from all walks of life, ranging from high net worth individuals to spiritual practitioners to those in real poverty. Having travelled to work with these individuals, my conviction and passion for my expertise has developed as I had begun to see the similarity in all human lives, and the oneness in all human experiences.

Having conducted this work, I often speak to audiences and work with individuals about the elusive conception of happiness, with the firm belief that we need more individuals to believe in a caring society that puts wellbeing before wealth, and precedence for things that really matter. While my work is dynamic and catered to the individuals or organisation I am working with, I have worked with corporations and hospitality groups to improve productivity and management; individuals struggling with their own personal challenges as well as spiritual practitioners seeking to find God. While my PhD was focused on the real benefits that can be materialised from ‘happiness-centred businesses’, my outward approach considers the necessity of recognising the ‘mind-body’ connection that translates into real, practical and scientific benefits in both businesses and individual wellbeing.

Having lived through my own challenges, I have dedicated my new life to inspire as many individuals to ensue the pleasures of unconditional Happiness. I know pain and sorrow first hand, as I have experienced both depression, and suicidal feelings, where all the physical luxuries one can desire where not enough to make me happy. Through love, support and faith I pulled my self out of all that stopped me from growing. I strongly feel my personal story and experiences will surely resonate with an audience looking to connect to their deeper-selves.

I am currently the author of Happiness Reinvented – Igniting Principles of Being the Best You can Be  (an Amazon bestseller), Happiness Centered Businesses – Igniting Principles of Growing a Sustainable Business  and Happiness Centered Customers: Secrets of Creating Happy Customers for Life.

My aspiration is to learn, listen from world leading experts on happiness and add my proactive voice and take action together with Global movements in creating a better, happier now and tomorrow.

I love being a son, husband, father, brother, and a global citizen; I travel the world inspiring people to reconnect with what is rightfully theirs: Unconditional Happiness.

My pursuit of Happiness began, like most people, from a time where I felt lost and inadequate. I love sharing my journey.