Ebin John Poovathany

Ebin John Poovathany

Agile Coach
GE Healthcare
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Ebin John Poovathany

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Learning to become an Agile Shepherd! My dream is to coach people by connecting with them on a high conscious level, like a Shepherd.
I am a person who loves to keep things simple and straight, be it at work or at relations. I truly believe that life is sweet and enjoyable.
I work with human beings. I believe that any work which involves human interaction is moral work and any moral work depends upon practical wisdom. For me, life is a journey for learning and understand more about myself.

I love to simplify things. My philosophy is "If I can't make it simple, I haven't understood enough!". That is what I do for my living as well. I try to simplify and straighten out software development process and techniques. I work with Teams to create more Energy and Synergy and to empower them to work better. I work with leadership to enable Agile values and principles. I Preach Agile, and I Practice Agile.

I am passionate about Lean principles and Agile methodologies. I believe that the philosophy behind Lean and Agile are a way of life.
I have worked with many industry leaders to create value through Agile and Lean principles. Companies like, Nokia Siemens Networks, General Electric, Alcatel Lucent, Valtech, Societe Generale and now JDA.

A member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, an opt-in research community of business professionals.

Areas of interests are:

1. Organizational Transformations
2. Team building and designing teams for high performance delivery
3. Improving the effectiveness of Lean / Agile implementations like Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban
4. Process consulting / coaching / mentoring for great performance and sustainability
5. Life coaching and Philosophy
6. Neuro-Linguistic Programming and related human modeling techniques
7. Software craftsmanship : Clean Code, Specification By Example, BDD, ATDD, TDD
8. Sharing information: Public speaking, Blogging, Writing, etc.
9. Learning new things which impact human thinking and behaviour.