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Edna J. White

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Edna J. White

Edna J. White is a born inspirational writer of 13 books and counting, all of which she worked feverishly to "get her story out" through distributors like Barnes & Nobel's, Books-A-Million and in local Long Island libraries, to give her work "voice".

Edna realized that her writings were part of her journey of worthy stories about her human condition using examples from her life.

Giving 25 years of her life to the ministry as an Evangelist, Edna, materialized in her contribution to the community, through 2nd Chance Services a non-profit organization supporting parolees & the signature publishing company Wounded to Wonderful. As well, as a supportive parent to 3 her children, sister, daughter and beloved family member, she continues to be one of the forces behind course work and series of courses specialized to enlightened entrepreneurs, who are ready to make changes from the inside out for a better life.

Through public speaking she has given "voice" to her now 5 STAR book, "Stuff,!" encouraging sexual abuse survivors to live fully and align with their mind, bodies, & emotions to a thriving enriched life.

She has been a featured guest on a number of radio and internet TV shows, memorably "Mike from Maine Show", "Lana Read Show Live" & as the featured author with a successful "MumsRu" a UK online magazine, as well as  the 4th issue of SFMP Magazine for July 2016.
White bases her teaching and writing on what she calls "real-time for real life lessons", where she begins with her writings with "Am I Fit?"; This began her self-study activities with a spiritual outlook steeped in universal themes of finding your purpose.

While living in China for a year, Edna tried her hand at her first children's book in honor of her students in Jinan, China. "Friends Learn" which has been considered by the book buyers of Toys R Us. And which is now in local libraries of the USA.

She continues to share her enriched background through publishing additional books including her leading title "The Keys to the Kingdom". Her mission in life is to access God's gift of creativity to inspire, touch people's mind, bodies and spirits with love and compassion to bring out the original YOU.