Evie Ciobanu

Evie Ciobanu

Senior Haskell Engineer
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Evie Ciobanu

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Evie Ciobanu is a senior Haskell engineer in the Data Sources team at Hasura, where she had a significant impact in the multiple SQL backends design and implementation.

She has over 15 years experience working as a software developer on projects such as ERPs, CRMs, automated provers, verification software, internal banking software, and GraphQL engine.

She has always been interested in (formal) verification and reasoning, and writing maintainable high quality software, along with eloquent tests.

Evie is the co-organizer of the Bucharest Functional Meetup group, where she has led a Haskell study group and several presentations, and hosts a blog where she writes about FP, Haskell, and computer science in general.

Evie is a member of Haskell Foundation's Tech Track committee.