Glenn Smyth

Glenn Smyth

Founder & CE
Fragile to Agile
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Glenn Smyth

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Glenn is celebrating his thirtieth fifth year in the IT industry. At various times he has worked in nearly all areas of IT from programming and Database Administration through Program Management and IT architecture before settling as an Enterprise Architect. He has spent the last 15 years specialising in CBD and then SOA architectures.

Glenn is founder and CE at Fragile to Agile, a dedicated Enterprise Architecture practice launched in 2009. Our unique approach to business architecture is based on our Integrated Architecture Framework that is inclusive of business, process, people, and technology design at both an enterprise and solution level. It is specifically designed to resonate with both business executives and technologists and has been adopted by organisations within Australia, USA, and Europe.

Their clients include ACH group, ME Bank, Macquarie Group (retail and institutional banks), Delaware Investments, Department of Premier and Cabinet SA, Deakin University, United States Pharmacopeia (Washington DC), LFS (Berlin), Credit Union SA, SA Power Networks     and CBA. Prior to this Glenn was Chief Architect at (Bendigo and) Adelaide bank and preceding that Chief Architect for the ATOs change program, a billion dollar refresh of all ATO systems. His other roles include as the principal architect of Bank of Irelands first online portal for large corporations.