Goda Ramkumar

Goda Ramkumar

Principal Data Scientist
Ola Cabs
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Member since 4 years


Goda Ramkumar

Specialises In (based on submitted proposals)
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11 years experience in building machine learning and optimization-based decision support systems for complex business challenges spanning airline pricing, revenue management and ridesharing. 

Provided technical leadership and managed a team of Operations Research analysts and Data Scientists responsible for product innovation.

Provided training and consulting for multiple airlines in 10+ countries across the world on best practices of Revenue Management and solution adoption.

Publications and presentations in industry journals and at academic conferences.

Specialized in application of Optimization and Machine Learning techniques to solve complex, high-impact business problems in real time, production environments.

Operations Research, Machine learning, Ride Sharing, Revenue/Inventory Management, Simulation, Airline Business, Forecasting and Optimization, Data Science, Recommender Systems, Data Analysis and Mathematical Modelling