Gunjan Syal

Gunjan Syal

Chief Strategy Advisor
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Gunjan Syal

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Bridging business and technology conversations

Gunjan enables high ROI innovation and transformational initiatives using strategy, governance and planning. She has led innovation initiatives for 26+ US & Canadian businesses in 9 industries. Each time, the goal has been to accelerate strategic growth by aligning business, product and technology to the customer success. Gunjan has developed a dynamic innovation framework, is a globally celebrated TED Circles host and also serves on the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council.

Gunjan is the Founder and Chief Strategy Advisor at GoEmerald:  6ea5b4a88f0b4f91945b40499aa0af00.webp   78aa2057f0cb42fbbaffcbc36280a64a.webp    c7d035ba85f6486680c2facedecdcf4d.webp  0fdef751204647a3bbd7eaa2827ed4f9.webp