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Gunjan Zutshi

Gunjan is an organisation development consultant with over 19 years of experience. She believes that real change happens when it becomes a way of life and her role is to be a co traveller with individuals and organisations in their journey of change.

After her long stint working with various organisations, Gunjan started her own consulting practice in 2014. She is also co founder of Agilesatva - a firm that uses humanistic and systems approach to Agile implementation in organisations (

She has worked with senior leadership teams for system wide interventions to build leadership effectiveness, create desired culture, vision and values, competency framework design, talent and performance management and learning & development.

She has also done extensive work with teams to enhance effectiveness and to help them explore how they work with each other. Becoming aware of team processes that might be hindering high performance helps teams deal with issues of interpersonal relationships, communications and also to increase collaboration and problem solving.

And who but individuals form the building blocks for effective teams and organisations. Helping people access their internal resources to realise their potential in current roles and contexts through one on one coaching is another area of her work.

Gunjan draws upon her extensive training in behavioural science, Tavistock approach of systems psychodynamics and transactional analysis in her work. Organisations are open systems and we need to look at the whole as well as the parts. Using the above approaches helps her explore what is really going on and to bring to surface conscious and unconscious processes that may be the road blocks to effectiveness.

Her approach for working with clients is co creative - not leading as an expert or directing and pushing from behind - but walking side by side, step by step on their journey of transformation. She enables creation of spaces through experiential interventions where people can find their own answers for change to happen. This also allows capability to be built within the system for sustainable change.

She is a certified Organisation Development and Change Practitioner from Indian Society for Applied Behaviour Science (ISABS). She is also a certified FIRO B administrator and assessor for   assessment / development centers and has done certification programs in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Appreciative Enquiry (AI). She has been on staff of Group Relations Conferences. She is a practicing psychotherapist and is currently completing her advanced training in Transactional Analysis (Psychotherapy).

Gunjan lives in Bangalore and can be contacted on +919845679362 and her e mail is