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Helen Palmer

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Helen Palmer

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I'm the Founder and Principal Change Agent of Questo, a business guiding organisations and individuals on quests of change in their workscape. 

My professional practice has been threaded with design for over two decades since I answered a calling for the Human Factor.  Even when I played in Information & Knowledge Management spheres, I was always curious about people and what made them tick. I've seen and learnt much from guiding the journeys of people undergoing big and small changes at work.

I mix theory with deep experience and creative approaches to provide everyday people with pragmatic advice they can implement - and it's flavoured with a dash of originality, and a sprinkling of kindness.

I've got lots of experience in helping workplaces in Australia, Japan and NZ. People say I can cleverly balance the realities of business with the complexities of people.  Think of me like a Swiss Army knife of expertise, performing my magic through facilitating, advising, designing, teaching, coaching and writing.